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Announcing our new podcast:  Aldersgate On The Go!






Don’t have time to watch the entire service on our YouTube channel?  Want to re-listen to a sermon?  Now you can!  Our Podcast is available on Spotify,, Google Podcast and also Apple Podcast.


New to Podcasting?

What is a podcast? Basically: a podcast is a radio program or talk show, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone, tablet or computer and listen to it whenever you like.  You can listen while you drive, exercise, or at your computer – at your convenience!


In a little more detail, a podcast is a series of audio episodes, all focused on a particular topic or theme, like cycling or startups. You can subscribe to the show with an app on your phone or tablet, even a website on your computer and listen to episodes whenever you like.


How To Listen:


Follow the instructions below to get to our podcast channel.  Instruction are included for computers, phone, and tablets

Once you are at our channel, you just need to click on the play button of whatever podcast you wish to listen to.  To stay informed about new episodes when they release, you can subscribe to the podcast from the application that you use to listen.


On your PC or Mac computer:


Our Podcast Channel can be found on Spotify at this link:



On your iPhone or IOS tablet:

iPhones, iPads and Mac computers all come with a preloaded application called “Podcast”.  Simply click on this link from your Apple product (iPhone, iPad or Mac computer) to launch the application and be taken directly to our Podcast channel.


Other Ways to Listen:

The Google Podcast App is available at:


Simply install the podcast app, and launch.  Search for “Aldersgate On The Go” and be sure and subscribe.


New Sermons Weekly:


The Sunday sermon will be posted weekly on Tuesday mornings, be sure and subscribe to be notified as new sermons become available!